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Everything by Jessica Hische.
via iloveligatures
typeverything: — Hand-painted sign by @neuarmy for @rivalbroscoffee.Clint Eastwood quote, black and gold 1shot on reclaimed wood. 
typeverything: - Super Fresh Custom Lettering by Jen Mussari

Jaemin Lee

Franziska Stetter


In-development online app for designing, generating and exporting your own customized fonts:

Type design is a discipline of hard work that requires a lot of time and knowledge.

Say hello to prototypo!

Start a font by tweaking all glyphs at once. With more than twenty parameters, design custom classical or experimental shapes. Once prototyping of the font is done, each point and curve of a glyph can be easily modified.

Explore, modify, compare, export with infinite variations.

The app isn’t available as yet, but there will be a campaign next month for funding - it will be online and open-source:

Our plan is to release a first beta in Oct. 2013, with the features of the processing-based prototype demonstrated in the video: a-Z glyphs exportable as .ttx (convertible to .otf using fonttools).

We will launch a crowdfunding campaign at the same time to fund the development of all the features we have in mind for a 1.0: more parameters, more glyphs, built-in .otf export, drag&dropable points and unicorns.

A potential essential design tool - more can be found at here